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How to participate

Source: European Commission

If you’re interested in applying for funding, there are seven steps you can follow:

STEP 1: Identify Calls for Proposals

Your first task is to identify a Call that is to your organisation or to an idea you may have for a research project. Check carefully submission close date (deadline) and specific conditions for selected Call.

STEP 2: Obtain Call-specific documentation and forms

The European Commission publishes a complete information package, that offers advice for preparing and submitting proposals. It could be found under each Call at Research Participant Portal

STEP 3: Establish a consortium

The scope of EU research funding is cross-national cooperation and your proposal should reflect that in its consortium. For this reason, the proposal needs to have partners forming a multinational consortium capable of undertaking the work contained in the project. Partners can easily be identified using established scientific and business networks or through the Partners Service on CORDIS.

STEP 4: Prepare your research proposal and submit it to the EC by the Call deadline

Proposers must use the Electronic Proposal Submission Service (EPSS), which is a secure online workspace for consortium members to prepare and submit their joint proposal. Calls have a strict deadline for submissions which must be respected.

STEP 5: Evaluation

Following a Call, all submitted proposals are evaluated by a panel of independent experts in the fields.

Step 6: Sign Grant agreement

Once a proposal passes the evaluation stage, applicants are informed about the outcome. The European Commission then draws up a grant agreement with each participant. 

Note: Horizon 2020 grant agreements are signed electronically - Find out more

Step 7: Launch project and start your research

We would be happy for each of you who follow all eight steps and receive EU funding for upstream research in transport area.



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