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FP7 at a glance

The Seventh Framework Program for Research and Technological Development is the European Union's main instrument for supporting collaborative research, development and innovations in science, engineering and technology. It will last for seven years from 2007 until 2013. The programme has a total budget of over € 50 billion. FP7 is the natural successor to the previous programme, FP6. However, FP7 is both larger and more comprehensive than its predecessors. It is also more flexible, with simplified procedures.

The core of FP7, representing two thirds of the overall budget (€ 32 billion), is the Cooperation programme. It fosters collaborative research across Europe and other partner countries through projects by transnational consortia of industry and academia. Transport (including aeronautics) is one of ten key thematic areas in Cooperation Specific Programme.

FP7 is open to a wide range of organisations and individuals: research groups at universities or research institutes, large industry and small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), public or governmental administration, early-stage and experienced researchers, international organizations, etc.

As a general principle, FP7 is open to participation from any country in the world. Participants from International Cooperation Partner Countries (Ukraine is one of them) are entitled to funding under the same conditions as EU Member States or countries associated to FP7 if project consortium complies with eligibility criteria.

The Seventh Framework Program offers broad opportunities for Ukrainian organizations to become a part of high-qualified transnational teams that bring together leading researchers and key industrial players for realization of advanced research projects funded by European Commission.

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