Smart, Green and Integrated Transport
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Find partners

1. Personal contacts

The best partners are those ones you personally know.


2. Thematic conferences and workshops

Take part in EU conferences and workshops and utilize all available networking opportunities to establish new contacts with EU researcher working in your thematic area.


3.  Brokerage and B2B events

To provide an opportunity to obtain first-hand information in context of all new calls and to connect interested parties the European Commission organises InfoDays before the each round of the calls. Such events often provide brokerage and networking opportunities, where all participants quickly present their ideas and competencies to the auditory.


As well, so called B2B meetings are organized regularly in the frame of specific topic. You need to register in the system in advance and describe your organization. Then bilateral meetings are booked both by you and other participant, and on the fixed date personal meetings are organized.


Take part in these events, promote your research and find new partners among the participants.


Information on the upcoming transport-related brokerage, networking and other events is regularly published on our web-site in News and Eventssection, and our NCP clients are also informed by e-mail.
Contact usif you want to receive information letters!


4. Participant Portal

Partner Seach instrument on the Participant Portal is the largest partner profile database. This on-line instrument is created to help you connect to the thusands of colleagues from Europe and beyond. Moreover, now the partner requests are published directly at the topic page.





Detailed instructions are available on:


Please, note! You are able to contact the organization if registered at the Participant portal. Only LEARS and account administrators on the participant portal can create and manage partner search profil, if PIC is validated. Self-registrants can do so if PIC is declared until the validation procedure is finilized. PIC procedure is descrived here


NB! This instrument replaced CORDIS Partner Search. All profiles at CORDIS are no longer available.


5. ETNA Plus Partner Search 

Partner search instrumentprovided by the ETNA Plus Project is a specific tool which is dedicated ONLY to the Smart, Green and Integrated transport priority. With this instrument you can find partners which are interested in and have relevant expertise to participate in Horizon2020 transport-related calls. 



You can search for partners for all calls that are outlined in the Work Programme for the current year. Choose topic of the call and look through the relevant partners profile.



6. ETNA+ Active Participant Identification

Active Participant Identificationtool developed by ETNAplus Project will help you find potential partners for implementing transport-related research projects. In API you can find out participants of research projects funded in FP6, FP7 and Horizon2020. Partners can be filtered by Transport mode, Sector, Technology, Policy, and Evaluation. The results are shown by the number of participations (highest to lowest).



7. Ideal-ist Partner Search 

Ideal-istis a partner search system which is primarily aimed at partner search facilitation for ICT-related projects. However, with the help of this instrument you can find partners for your project if you need ICT expertise or you are interested in ICT-based call within Transport Work programme (e.g MG-3.6a callin 2015). For better understanding of this instrument, a Partner search manual is available at the Partner search page.




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