Smart, Green and Integrated Transport
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Information on all available calls for proposals that are set out in the Horizon 2020 work programme you could find on the Participant Portalunder “Funding Opportunities”.


For your convenience, we have collected all Transport-related calls at the "Transport Calls" page, but we strongly recommend to use the Participant Portal for more detailed information.


Direct link to Horizon 2020 Calls for Proposals


At this page, you can filter calls that interest you in the relevant Work Programme(e.g. Smart, green and integrated transport). You can also switch to “open” and “forthcoming” calls. 



To know more about specific call, just select them. You will be re-directed to the Call page that contains information about the Opening Date, Deadline Date, Status and the list of call topics.



Select the Topic of interest to find its detailed description and all relevant documents.
Read carefully!!!


If you would like to find funding opportunities for your research or ideas in any Work Programme you can go to Search topics. At this page you can search for open and forthcoming calls using the key words. 



For more extensive search in various fields of the call and topic pages, you could switch to “free text search” through the Europa Search instrument that functions and presents the results in a similar way as Google search.




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Smart, green and Integrated transport: Work Programme 2018-2020


  Smart, green and Integrated transport: Work Programme 2016-2017


  Smart, green and Integrated transport: Work Programme 2014-2015


 Standard proposal template (RIA)


 Horizon 2020 in brief


  Official animated H2020 presentation

 Horizon 2020 General Overview - Video


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